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Whether you are interested in staying in historic downtown, by the airport, or on Tybee Island, you have several options.

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Girl Scout Camp Low

About Girl Scout Camp Low:
Owned an operated by Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Girl Scout Camp Low is open year-round for troop camping, property rentals, day camps, resident camps and our personal favorite– Girl Scout QuestFest!

Located on Savannah’s south side on 300-acre Rose Dhu Island, Camp Low includes 4 hammocks (pieces of forested land that rise above an adjacent marsh). It is home to magnolia trees more than 200 years old, cedar trees more than 500 years old and palmetto trees over 40 feet tall. An earthen battery was built by Confederate troops on the south and west sides of the island during the Civil War, and some of the trenches and mounds are still visible today. Imagine being able to enjoy the trees, relax by or on the water, and take in this historic scene. Truly a beautiful experience!

During Girl Scout QuestFest, we utilize Girl Scout Camp Low in two ways: 1) Twilight Camp, which is a massive pool party and campfire hosted by our local Adopt-A-Camp Team, and 2) for sleeping accommodations.

We would love to have you stay with us overnight! Please note, Camp Low is approximately 40 minutes from downtown Savannah. Keep in mind that the cabins are not air conditioned, bugs are always a possibility and transportation is not included. However, parking for cars and SUVs is prevalent.The road leading up to camp is in a residential area with a speed limit of 25mph, so in the interest of safety, we ask that you please take this into account as you drive through the neighborhood and cross the bridge.

If you have any questions about staying at Girl Scout Camp Low for QuestFest (or any other time of year), please email You can also call our Customer Care Team at 1-888-689-1912 or contact us via Facebook.