“My favorite part was definitely the older girls working with and helping the younger ones as well as how welcoming and accommodating the city was. We will be back next year!”

“My girl had a great time, and I was very impressed with how well organized the event was. Kudos to everyone involved!”

“My favorite part was just getting to walk all over Savannah and learn about it. I’ve already added next year to our troop calendar!”

“I give it 5 stars. I had a blast!”

What exactly is this QUEST?
The “Quest” in QuestFest stands for our main event, which is an epic scavenger hunt through the Historic District of Savannah, GA! The twist? Both competitive and noncompetitive teams are after experiences and not items. Using a smart phone, groups will choose challenges, submit photographic evidence and receive points via our QuestFest app. The more creative a submission, the more points awarded, so be sure to think outside of the box because the winning team will take home some one-of-a-kind prizes! The best part of the whole thing? The challenges, which we call QUESTS, are designed with Girl Scout values in mind, so while we’re having fun, we’ll be making the world a better place too!

The Quests are top secret until the event kicks off at the opening ceremony on Friday morning, but there’s a few things you can do to prepare:

  • Make sure that at least one team member has a smart phone with data or WiFi capabilities.
  • One or two people from your team will need to be familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Since the app won’t show a map of Quest locations, you’ll need to get creative and use clues to find the Quests. It might help to get familiar with Savannah Historic District, so it wouldn’t hurt to look over a map of the Savannah Historic District. Hello, Google Street View!
  • It’s all about strategy! The teams that win have a good plan in place. Although your team can’t really decide on a plan of attack until the Quest starts, leaders and parents can start thinking about how they want to facilitate a strategy session with their girls.
  • Remember to have fun! This is ultimately about the girls having an unforgettable experience. We hope that QuestFest will unleash her inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™.

TWO WAYS TO PLAY: Competitive or Non-Competitive

Competitive teams must have at least 8 but no more than 15 TOTAL PARTICIPANTS with a minimum of 2 adults and maximum of 4. (See chart below.) Only competitive teams are eligible to win the cash prizes. If your group doesn’t meet competitive team ratio requirements but still wants to be eligible to win the prize money, you are permitted to contact other troops/groups from inside or outside your council to combine with; however, QuestFest staff will NOT be able to pair teams for you this year. While it is not required, we do recommend trying to join teams together that are similar in age/grade level. If your group doesn’t meet team requirements and doesn’t wish to be paired with another group, you can still participate on our non-competitive track.

Brownies – Competitive teams of 10 or less must have 3 adults; more than 10 requires 4 adults
Juniors – Competitive teams of 10 or less must have 2-3 adults; more than 10 requires 3-4 adults
Cadettes+ – Competitive teams of 10 less must have 2 adults; more than 10 requires 3 adults

Non-competitive teams do not have any size requirements or cap on participating adults; however, non-competitive teams will not be eligible to win the cash prizes. You’re just playing for the magical fun of it!

We heard you, alums! You want to come home to Savannah where it all started. You want to get your old troop together and “Quest” around Savannah too, so this year, we’ve made that possible! Alum teams will be non-competitive (prizes will be reserved for girl teams only) but still have tons of fun! In addition to the Quest activities, we’re excited to offer other special events/opportunities for our alum to gather for good times here in Savannah as well.

“The Land of Oz” ain’t got nothin’ on the City of Savannah… except a Yellow Brick Road. Meet us in Lafayette Square to color your teams section of the sidewalk.
20 points

Make like a Spice Girl and “tell us what you want, what you really really want” for girls around the globe by creating a sign for Project Everyone using the provided poster board. When you’re done creating, take a picture of at least three girls from your team standing on the steps of City Hall with their sign, and upload it using the hashtag #whatireallyreallywant.
Up to 30 points

Head over to Girl Scout First Headquarters to find a photo of JGL. Using our provided props, create a fabulous recreation!The more fun the pose, the more points earned.
Up to 15 points