QuestFest 2020, July 18- 19

Pre-Quest: Make New Friends

Submission Format:  Collage           Points:  Up to 1000

If you’ve been a member of Girl Scouting for a while, WE know that YOU know we love to “Make new friends, but keep the old …” So, we’re pretty sure that your QuestFest team is full of some of your long-time Girl Scout friends and sisters.  But what about NEW friends?  Do you have a friend who isn’t a Girl Scout, but you always wanted her to join?  Maybe you’ve thought of her at different Girl Scout activities and thought how much she would have enjoyed being there with you and learning or experiencing something really cool or fun?  Or maybe a friend whom you think could really, really benefit from being a part of our loving, amazing, caring Girl Scout family, for whatever reason?  Well, here’s a chance for you to invite her to join the fun of BOTH Girl Scouts and QuestFest!  Convince a friend (girl or adult) to join Girl Scouting for the first time ever!  For each friend you convince to join Girl Scouts before QuestFest starts, your team will receive 300 points!  AND if you can also convince her to join in the fun and register for QuestFest, you’ll receive a BONUS 200 points for your team!  Take screen shots of their Girl Scout registration forms (and their QuestFest forms, if applicable), save them to your device, and create a collaged image of those forms (forms must be legible).  When the app opens a few days before QuestFest, you’ll be able to load the image to receive up to a maximum of 1000 points for your team before the Questing even begins! Remember, “ … one is silver and the other … “ well, points!

Note:  Girl Scout registrations must be dated between May 15, 2020 – July 15, 2020 and QuestFest registrations must be dated between May 15, 2020 – June 26, 2020 to receive points.  Any registrations falling outside of this window of time – while awesome – will not be eligible for points. 


QuestFest for Current Girl Scouts

Register now! Your registration includes participating in the virtual Quest, admission to the Opening Ceremony and The Big Reveal closing celebration, a commemorative patch, as well as a package of QuestFest swag.

QuestFest for Girl Scout Alums

Here’s a Sample Quest! Ready? Go!

Paper Power! Founded in 1898, International Paper is an American pulp and paper company with 53,000 employees and facilities in over two dozen countries, including one in the hometown of Girl Scouting – Savannah! They are one of the world’s leading producers of fiber-based packaging, pulp, paper, and corrugated packaging. Wait, now – WHAT kind of packaging? Corrugated! Don’t know what that means or why it’s so awesome? First, take a closer look at the inside edge of a cardboard box.  See those wavy pieces of paper inside? That’s corrugation! Now take a quick look at this video to see a super quick and cool experiment that shows you just how powerful paper can be in the right hands. Recreate this experiment at home to help illustrate how important even simple engineering is! Submit a photo of your corrugated paper holding up a weight, like shown in the video, to earn your team some points!

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HUGE THANKS to all the participants, volunteers, staff, vendors, community supporters, our presenting sponsor Publix Super Market Charities and ALL of our generous sponsors that helped make QuestFest 2019 so successful. Relive the excitement of QuestFest 2019 via photos now!

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The Quest

Using the QuestFest app to find and log Quests, teams will adventure from the comfort of their own home to do hands-on learning activities and do good deeds!

The Fest!

Celebrate the end of an epic day of Questing by joining us for our virtual closing celebration and see our “Best Quest” video!

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