We are so excited that you are joining us for our first virtual QuestFest! To help you throughout the weekend, we have put some information together that we believe will help!


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Join our Girl Committee members as they introduce some of the functions of the QuestFest App and give you a few other “need to know” items to make sure that you’re prepared for for the virtual adventure that awaits!

Learn how to set up your team!

Learn how to add members to your team!

Learn how to connect to your team!

Learn how to set up your account as an individual player!


In the video below, Sydnie and Izzy will share some tips about Questing and about submitting your Quests on the app!


As QuestFest approaches this weekend, we want you to “be prepared” for all of the fun opportunities awaiting you!  We’re going to give you a few hints as to things you might want to collect so you already have them when Questing begins Saturday morning.  Hopefully, you shouldn’t have to buy anything / very much.  Reach out to friends and neighbors; see what you can borrow for the day.  Seriously, the may be an opportunity for you to actually “borrow a cup of sugar” from your neighbor.
  • We are NOT including on this list things that almost everyone has at home; things like water and scissors, etc.  But we ARE included basic things that you may not have in plenty of supply in the middle of the summer (like certain school supplies, etc.)
  • Not everyone on your team will need every item.  This is where there’s a little bit of gamble.  If your team is not in the same place, it may be that you have one supply and your teammate – hundred of miles away – has the other supply for the same quest.  Ooops!  But, again, there is nothing on the list that you probably can’t borrow from a neighbor.  And honestly, that’s part of the fun.  Tell them you’re playing a game and need some help, ask to borrow the item and then show the video or photo or exactly what you needed that item for later.  QuestFest is ripple effect; it’s not just a chance for YOU to have fun and connect with Girl Scouts – it’s a chance for you to connect with family,friends, and neighbors and spread the fun as well!
  • So, now, the list.  Someone on your team will need:
    • It doesn’t HAVE to be all of these, but you will be asked to either make a sign or draw a picture, or something along those lines several times in the Quest, you’ll need:
      • Markers and / or crayons
      • Poster board, construction paper, card stock, and / or plain paper
    • Something else you’ll need for more than one Quest:
      • Dish soap – clear or light colored is best, but if all you have is a darker, opaque soap, that’s fine – it’ll still work
      • Food coloring OR craft paint (like an acrylic paint).  Just a few colors.  And you can always mix shades to create different colors.  There are no specific colors required.
    • The rest of these items will be needed for at least one Quest on the Saturday’s list, in no particular order:
      • Sugar (about 1 cup)
      • Newspaper
      • Tape – any type will do, but plain clear tape is probably best
      • A tablespoon or 1 packet of dry active yeast
      • A cardigan
      • Some cookies  (we recommend Trefoils or Thin Mints, of course, but pretty much any cookie will do)
      • Single serving bag of chips (or crisps, for some of our Canadian sisters)
      • Hydrogen peroxide (normal 3%, household first aid hydrogen peroxide is FINE, but a higher percentage – like 6% or 12% is better – BUT those will also require safety goggles and gloves if you use a higher percentage)
      • Sidewalk chalk
      • Some yarn, ribbon, or embroidery floss / string.  It doesn’t have to be much.  Don’t go buy any unless you have need for it later.  Maybe reach out to some knitters, crocheters, or quilters you know and ask for some scraps.
      • An old towel or two (both to use to keep your clothes covered when working with paints, dyes, etc. but one Quest specifically requires at least one old towel)
      • A bag of Skittles.  Not a big bag, just a regular, one person snack bag
      • A few disposable cups or bowls – again, you don’t have to have these, but they may make your life easier for some of our science or art based Quests
      • A few empty plastic bottles of various sizes; individual plastic soda bottles or 1 or 2 liter bottles, etc.  Again, you don’t have to go buy anything, but these may be helpful for a few quests as well.
      • A few disposable drinking straws, or a bubble wand, or some pipe cleaners to make your own bubble wands, etc.
      • A “Red, white, and blue” outfit.  Think the USA Flag (don’t worry our Canadian friends, you’re not going to have dress like the USA flag).  We’ll even go so far as to tell you a red top (t-shirt, tank, etc.) and blue bottoms (shorts, leggings, etc.).  Oh, and maybe some fabulous gold colored accessories.
    • And the last thing someone on your team will need is access to a computer.  No, you can’t Quest via computer, but at least one Quest requires you to create something that is probably most easily done on a computer.
    • Please note, there may be additions to this list as the Quest is finalized.

Print out our Flat Kenzie coloring page! 

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