Flying to Savannah
Located just 15 miles from Savannah’s Historic District, the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport offers approximately 90 daily flights in and out of Savannah. Scheduled airlines include Delta, United, US Airways, American, JetBlue (Seasonal: Allegiant, Sun Country and Silver).

Driving to Savannah
Getting to Savannah by car is easy and enjoyable, with plenty of scenic Georgia beauty to take in along the way. Savannah is best accessed via Interstate 95 (North/South) or Interstate 16 (East/West).

Savannah by Rail
Many groups find that Amtrak is a fun, convenient and affordable way to travel. Savannah is a major stop on Amtrak’s Palmetto and Silver Service lines between New York and Miami. The Silver Star and Silver Meteor provide daily service to and from Savannah. Sleeper cars and sightseeing lounge cars are available.

On the Bus
Savannah is a hub for Greyhound Bus Lines, so you can access Savannah by bus from all over the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Motor Coach
Many groups come to Savannah via motor coach, but please note that permits are required for all motor coaches more than 34 feet in length touring and/or traveling within Savannah’s Historic District. Visit the City of Savannah website for all information regarding traveling to Savannah via motor coach.

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Plan ahead. When planning transportation, keep in mind that large 15-passenger vans have been flagged as unsafe by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and, therefore, are not permitted for transporting girls. For chartered buses or rented vehicles always ensure the possession of safety credentials and commercial driving licenses and availability of seatbelts. Request a copy of a certificate of insurance with a minimum of $1 million in auto liability coverage.

Uber, Lyft, Curb, and similar ride-sharing companies are not permitted to transport girls because the safety, credibility, and insurance of the drivers is far more difficult to qualify than traditional or well-known charter and rental companies. Complete auto insurance coverage is often unavailable for a vast majority of rideshare drivers.

Airbnbs and other personal overnight accommodations for hire are not permitted. The safety, credibility, and insurance of these facilities is difficult, if not impossible, to qualify, unlike those for traditional or well-known commercial properties. Proper liability or homeowners’ insurance coverage is often unavailable or not applicable to personal housing when guests are paying for the service. In other words, there is no effective insurance on personal property being used for commercial use.

Involve girls in arrangements. Safe overnight outings include preparing girls to be away from home by involving them in planning, so they know what to expect. Avoid having men sleep in the same space as girls and women to promote a girl-led experience. During family or parent-daughter overnights, one family unit may sleep in the same sleeping quarters in designated program areas. When parents are staffing an event, daughters should remain in sleeping quarters with other girls rather than in staff areas.

Did you know that the Savannah Department of Transportation provides FREE transportation around town via the express shuttle and Savannah Belles ferry service? Visit for all the information!

The Savannah Civic Center has very limited parking, so we encourage people to utilize paid parking. You can park at the Savannah Visitor Center for $1 an hour or purchase their 48-hour parking pass for $14. The 48-hour pass is valid at the Savannah Visitor’s Center as well as all city garages. The Savannah Historic District is very walk-able, so no worries– you won’t be parking too far away! More information about parking is available here.